Huawei, Make it Possible!

Huawei is a global leader company in the field of information and communication technology solutions. It always provides innovative and new products to meet their customers’ needs. Huawei is known for its premium products with the latest technologies. Additionally, It provides a wide range of high quality products including mobiles, mobile broadband (MBB), and home devices as well. It is worth to mention that Huawei products are available in 170 countries around the world. On Jumia, we are dedicated to provide the best brands onsite. Huwaei is one of the most trusted brands that we believe in. That’s why we promote its products to satisfy our customers and meet their needs and expectations. Hence, we have designed a special category for all huawei mobile models and exclusive offers, to enable you to shop online and choose smoothly without any efforts. Additionally, you can always browse photos of mobiles and tablets and zoom in, to see each and every single detail as you are holding the mobile between your hands.

Enjoy the Latest Launches!

For Huawei fans, you can find all hawaii mobile models in this page. Moreover, we announce the release of the latest huwawy mobiles like Huawei mate 8 Huwawy Y6 pro, exclusively on jumia mobile shop. You no longer need to suffer in traffic jam searching for the latest Huawei mobile, It is just one click away from you. Enjoy more advanced specifications which will make you enjoy every moment in your life. With better back and front cameras, you can shoot wonderful selfies and have clearer images. Do not miss any moment with the new sophisticated video technology, which renovate the awesome memories as you are living them now. In addition, you will notice a huge difference in performance with the new generations of processors. This comes with powerful batteries to enjoy long hours of work or entertainment. This is not the whole thing! You can enjoy different hawaei tablets with amazing features. One of the most successful tablets produced by Hwawy is Huawei Mediapad x1 .It features full HD screen with high clarity rate, to provide you with crispy images. Huawei tablet comes with a top notch rear camera, to make you enjoy every happy moment. On Jumia, you can find more of hwawy tablets and mobiles. Stay Tuned!